D-Fence Oy (Ltd.)

D-Fence is the leading email security provider in Finland. Growing and medium size enterprises, as well as public administration agencies use our proactive services. The company was founded in 2000. With the help of our centralized security services, our customers email communication is protected from spam, viruses, malware, and other intrusions. Our services block them before they can arrive at our customers' workstations.  

Quality System

D-Fence services follows the Quality System. This guarantees that our services are in compliance with the high quality management standards.
D-Fence is a member company of Tietoturva ry. the largest association in the field of security in Finland, We also participate in the annually held National Information Security Day and deliver information on network threats to the Cert-Fi department of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FiCoRa) as part of national data security.
Company ownership is divided between the acting management, employees, and a growing number of private investors. D-Fence has been steadily growing with the increase in number of clients, and high customer satisfaction. D-Fence proactive email security services are also available in Canada, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Russia and South Africa

Introduction to services

It is easy to start using our services: The customer can order services from our corporate customer service and we will activate them in conjunction with the customer's service provider. The customers are not required to install or download any software in order to activate our services.
When a customer outsources the safety management of their email traffic from us, they are able to fully concentrate on their own core business activities. Our customer service will ensure your satisfaction by delivering a thorough and constant service care and maintenance.  Centralized D-Fence services protect all email traffic regardless of the device being used or the location of the customer.