D-Fence services ROI calculator

By altering the default values below, you can calculate the direct costs arising from processing spam (managing junk mail folder or quarantine).

By entering the monthly cost in the calculator’s lower section you will immediately see the direct cost savings. When changing the values, click the mouse outside of the calculator to display the results.

This sample is based for client with 200 mail accounts. Contact D-Fence for pricing to your needs:

Note: You can use any currency you want.

Employees with email:  
Employee’s average working hour payment, including all additional expenses:
Time usage (per person) in a day for email that is not work-related:   min
Without S-Safe Spam Filtering service, can handling junk mail raise costs for your company in the form of directly lost production time: /day
Even a single successfully delivered virus can, in addition to lost production time, cause even greater expense. /week
M-Safe Anti-Virus and S-Safe Spam Filtering:
Total monthly cost of these two services for you would be:
(Services on 24x7x365)
By using these values, your direct monthly cost savings would be:
By using the same values your yearly cost savings would be:
(Calculated on the basis of 47 working weeks)