High-availability email communication security service "eSec"

D-Fence eSec service protect the company and its staff against cyber threats. The service ensures the proper email traffic and blocks the attack programs, spam and other intrusions. At the same time, it encrypts email transmission and ensures the emails in possible network error situations. It also protects the company mail server from any DoS & DDoS types of attack. 

No more quarantine or junk mail management

The key difference between D-Fence and other email security solutions is, that D-Fence eSec solves the problem instead of transferring it to the end users as quarantine / junk mail management. This feature leads to immediate high data security.

D-Fence eSec includes the following features

D-Fence Email Security service does not require any downloads or installations from the costumer, the service is connected to an operator at the MX records. Our business model is preventive: it will stop network threats even before they could reach you.

Key benefits of the service 

  • Higher data security
  • Better competitivity
  •  Immediate cost savings
  •  Frees up resources for the end customer
  •  One solution protects all devices

 D-Fence services are cost-effective and high quality, centralized, and comprehensive solution for protecting email communication against cyber threats. D-Fence service combines high-quality and cost savings: The service solves the problem instead of transferring it to the end users; the service is not running by its users and therefore does not consume any of their valuable time. As the consequence of this service logic, D-Fence has the lowest overall cost as oppose of alternative solutions to online threats and malicious email traffic.

Quality System

All of D-Fence services follows yhe ISO 9001 QMS. The quality system is a guarantee of quality assurance throughout our operation. This in turn gives our customers the security and the reliability of our services.

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