Email system audit service (S.T.A.)

D-Fence S.T.A. service audits the email system established for domains and warns about security threats. The configuration and right set up of an email server is one of the most important details in credible email relaying. Safe and reliable email relaying is vital competitive edge in business to business communication.
S.T.A. checks the domain name for e-mail servers, and detects the malware threats. Therefore S.T.A. conducts as an evaluation tool for the proper functioning and transmission of emails and their reliability. Since email has become an important inter-enterprise communication tool, the delay and trouble-free operation is one of the main factors for success in business communication.
S.T.A. is the only and the simplest service currently available in the market to monitor and provide the appropriate and flawless operation of the email systems. Using the service does not require any special skills, and the report is clear to read and made specifically for IT personnel to facilitate their work  . 

S.T.A. benefits

  •  S.T.A. detects data security breaches and therefore accelerates the protection measurements against web criminals. Facilitate data management, thus bringing significant savings in time.
  •  S.T.A. is an outsourced email service that independently monitors the email system and saves the companies from email related problems and errors
  •  S.T.A. prevents the emergence of problems, thus bringing the cost savings

Reveals deviations from the system

Service also points out a configuration changes or software upgrades arising from potential threats, or problems with addresses, errors, and deviations in the monthly reports. This reports help the company and staff to prevent any threats to information security.

Continuous active monitoring

The service also detects the setting changes or software updates for potential problems, indicating the setting error and therefore facilitates the required repairs . Overall, the service improves the functioning of the email and indicates the areas in which e-mail system would require upgrading or repair. 

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